Adult Group Lessons

We recommend private lessons for adults.

Meeting point: Skilift Roggen, Oberiberg
Mountain Station LWS Weglosen/Seebli, Hoch-Ybrig
Registration: Advance booking required
Class hours:  Mon - Fri, 10.00 - 12.00 am / 1.30 - 3.30 pm
Costs group lessons, Monday to Friday, min 5 participants
Oberiberg, excl. lift tickets 

p. P.

5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri) 294.--
4 consecutive days 276.--
3 consecutive days 264.--
2 consecutive days 189.--
additional day ticket for 3 and 4 consecutive days 24.--
supervised lunch incl. meal (only for children) 18.--
Oberiberg, incl. 5 day lift ticket & 3 x supervised lunch
5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri)
3 days skiing in Hoch-Ybrig, Level: Blue Star
Hoch-Ybrig/Weglosenincl. lift ticket & lunch
5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri) 477.--
4 consecutive days (Mon-Thurs)              427.--
3 consecutive days (Mon-Wed)               382.--
additional day ticket for 3,4 consecutive days 67.--
All groups are formed according to the Swiss Snow League and demand a minimum of 5 participants. 
Beginner start the lessons on Mondays.
Group lessons take place in all weather conditions!
Group lessons for children an private lessons fur Mum and Dad?
No problem, we welcome our Little guests already at 09.10 at our Meeting Point at Skilift Roggen to
make sure the whole Family can get their lessons on time! Advance booking required.